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Biz and Bubbles: Productivity Edition

Calling all super ambitious overachievers and passion project practitioners! How many of you run around all of the time talking about how busy you are? How many of you feel that you are working so hard but not getting to where you want to be in accelerating your career growth or building your business?

Biz and Bubbles is a monthly event for women who want to start a business, monetize their passion project, or find entrepreneurial ways to build their careers and they need help and support with the process. Think of this event as the intersection of networking and workshopping. We will have champagne and light bites, followed by a talk about productivity techniques based on behavioral science led by Vanessa Mason, the creator of Healthy Hustle Habits.

You will then have the opportunity to share a specific productivity challenge that you are dealing with. Both Vanessa and the audience will all participate to coach you in improving your productivity. It's like being in the hot seat but we are all there to support you while we all sip champagne.

Getting from an idea to launch is a HUGE investment in time, energy and money. This event is a safe space for aspiring and struggling female entrepreneurial overachievers to meet, educate and support one another. Hope that you will come join us!