The Details

  1. 30 minute visioning call

  2. 12 weekly 1-hour calls

  3. Midpoint 2-hour deep dive

  4. Personalized 6 month roadmap + goal setting

  5. Unlimited email

  6. Access to all our session recordings

The Bonuses

  1. Goals Grid workbook for goal setting

  2. #ReclaimingMyTime Productivity Hacks

  3. Client only discount on all future courses/workshops

  4. Other relevant worksheets


Who This Is For

  1. You're stuck or overwhelmed. You know that you want to move forward but you also feel boxed into your status quo.

  2. You’ve got a million ideas or tactics but no clue about which one is best. You need clarity and direction to move forward.

  3. You desperately want a step-by-step plan, straightforward advice and accountability from someone who gets you, your vision and has made this entrepreneurial journey before.

Who This Isn't For

  1. You're not open minded and willing to consider other options beyond your original business idea

  2. You're not ready to put in the necessary effort and investment needed to bring your profitable business to life

  3. You already have an established brand that brings in a consistent income


The results

  • Clearly understand your community’s desires, needs, pain points, motivations

  • Receive a customized action plan to help you test your product and related positioning

  • Validate your product idea, audience and revenue generation strategy

  • Create an irresistible product that your community can’t wait to buy

  • Outline your approach to tailor your value proposition and means of reaching your target audience

  • Be free of confusion, frustration and second guessing your amazing ideas

Let's Get Started!

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