I help ambitious women launch health and healthcare ventures.

Climbing that corporate ladder?

Been there.

Pursue an entrepreneurial career at a breakneck pace. 

Been there.

Launch a business at an even more intense pace.

Been there.

Bounce back from burnout with better work-life balance and more financial success.

Been there and still doing that.


Feeling overwhelmed?

Stuck in analysis paralysis?

Maybe you're terrified of losing financial security and risking failure.

Or maybe you have too many ideas? 

You're just not sure if you're good enough to bring your ideas to life.


Waking up on Monday morning...

You feel energized and excited about your work because you have creative freedom...

You're recognized for your influence and expertise in the media and your bank account ...

You have more time to spend with loved ones, travel the world, and better your community.



Stop waiting and start building.

Healthy Hustle Habits helps ambitious millennial women launch or jumpstart solopreneur ventures.



"I connected with Vanessa about my challenges committing to completing blog posts. Vanessa was specific in her feedback, helping me to tackle issues that had been standing in my way for months. I am well on my way to completing my first piece of writing in a year. I would recommend working with you for effective and impactful results."  



"I was having difficulty finding my voice in an already saturated environment. I wanted to understand the value I could bring to the marketplace of ideas. After coaching with Vanessa, I was able to clearly vision my dream for the company, while also providing practical advice and next steps to see my vision through."

Time to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

You're brilliant at what you do.

So why is your bookshelf full of business books?

Why is your email full of articles from Entrepreneur, Inc., and Black Enterprise?

Why has starting a business been one of your New Year's resolutions but not part of your reality?

Because starting a business can be scary and overwhelming! This isn't about information.

It's about direction, permission, structure and clarity.

Let's move you from confusion to confidence and from analysis paralysis to action above all else.

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Ready to invest in being peaceful and paid?

The Kickoff: One-on-One Visioning Call

What do you want to accomplish? How do we get there?

How We Spark Success


How We Sustain Success



Get personalized 1:1 attention, accountability, and action that MAKE YOUR DREAM OF A BUSINESS YOUR DREAM BUSINESS.